👋 Shireen here. I’m so glad the digital forces brought you to me. 

I’ve been on quite a journey lately—it involves breaking A LOT of rules and creating a life I feel aligned with.

I call it my Edvolution: an evolution that results from unlearning the BS that was taught to you and re-educating yourself. 

We’ll discuss everything, from “Is work-life balance actually a thing to strive for?” to “Why quitting might be the best thing you do.

Committed to thinking well and creating a life on your terms? Let’s do it together. 🙌🏽

Who I Do This For 

👉 The person who feels like there has to be a better way to navigate life.
👉 The person that wants to unlearn much of what they were taught growing up so they can learn what truly matters for them. 
👉 The person who wants to feel what it means to live a meaningful life. 
👉 The person who desires to learn how to think for themselves. 

Sound like you? Phew! Knew I wasn’t alone!

Written By Me—Shireen Jaffer 

Co-founder & CEO. Big Empath. Life-Long Learner. Big Feeler, Big Thinker. 👋

A few years ago, I found myself hunched over on my living room floor, holding my head in my hands, crying out “I can’t think!”

I was so overwhelmed. My health was out of control, my business was failing, my friendships were non-existent, and worst of all, I felt helpless because I couldn’t think straight.

Since then, I’ve lost 120 pounds, raised $5M for my startup, attracted beautiful friendships, and built my dream home.

I decided to unlearn many of the limiting beliefs I carried as a result of what I was taught a “perfect life” should be. It was time to get grounded and redefine life on my own terms.

I’ve had a lot of support and love on this journey, and this newsletter is my way of paying it forward. It’s also my way of finding other people like me. 💜

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As powerful as it is to work through my learnings and discoveries alone, it’s definitely not as much fun!

This space is for anyone that wants to break out of the matrix while helping others do the same. People who want more out of life and are on a wild and crazy journey to discover how to get there, ideally not alone. 

So, I excitedly invite you to join the 1,000+ of us conscious thinkers having these conversations. Share your unfiltered and honest thoughts, resources, and stories with me by replying to my newsletter (I respond to every email), or dropping a thought into the comments section to get the conversation going. 

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I care deeply about thinking well and helping others do the same. Building Edvo to get all of us into spaces where we can think and flow. Previously bootstrapped Skillify to 7-figures and profitability, to help 150K+ students think critically.