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👋🏽 Shireen here. I’m so grateful the digital forces brought you to this newsletter. 

Ever think to yourself,

“The way we live just doesn’t make sense.
There’s got to be a better way.” 

I do. All the time. And I’ve fortunately found that I’m not alone on this journey to create a wildly intentional and meaningful life. 

I call this journey the Edvolution—evolution that results from unlearning and re-educating. 

I’m sharing my Edvolution publicly in hopes that it can inspire and support someone else’s. The goal is to help each of us rethink and redefine: 

  • How we work,

  • How we make sense of the world, 

  • How we look at our relationships, 

  • How we measure ourselves,

  • How we think, react, and navigate life,

...and anything else that helps us create a meaningful life for ourselves.

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Who I Do This For 

👉🏽 The person who feels like there has to be a better way to navigate life.
👉🏽 The person that wants to unlearn much of what they were taught growing up so they can learn what truly matters. 
👉🏽 The person who wants to intimately understand and feel what it means to live a meaningful life. 
👉🏽 The person who desires to learn how to think for themselves. 

Sound like you? Phew! Knew I wasn’t alone. 🙏🏽

Our Weekly Time Together

🤔 We start with a question...a question that makes us think deeper, examine our own beliefs, and identify anything we need to unlearn or learn. 

Every week, I’ll share my exploration of that question through personal experiences, hand-picked resources, inspiring community stories, gut-punching quotes, and most importantly—simple and easy “can’t wait to try this ASAP” tools.

Written By Me—Shireen Jaffer 

Co-founder & CEO. Wife. Life-long Learner. Big Empath. Committed Thinker. 👋🏼

As a naturally rebellious kid, I always considered myself above the norm. That feeling guided me into adulthood when I rejected the traditional consulting route to launch my own company. It guided me when I said no to the big fat South Asian wedding tradition and eloped to marry my college dropout boyfriend. (No regrets!)

But through it all, I never stopped feeling like an imposter. And then one day, it hit me.

Shireen, you’re still influenced by other people, your self-worth is hinged on societal expectations—your decision-making is not your own. 

It was at that moment I decided to wake up and create a life that truly felt like mine.

I decided to unlearn many of the limiting beliefs I carried as a result of what I was taught a “perfect life” should be. It was time to get grounded and redefine life on my own terms.

I’ve had a lot of support and love on this journey, and this newsletter is my way of paying it forward. It’s also my way of finding other people like me. 💜

Supported By Edvo

Oh hey, that’s my startup! My Edvolution wouldn’t be possible without the many conversations I have daily with my incredible team, and the intentional tools we build to help anyone take learning into their hands and start thinking for themselves. 

Occasionally I’ll talk about the cool things we’re doing, but I promise only the big and exciting stuff you’ll care about. 🎉

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