Shortcuts to becoming the person you want to be and living the life you want to live
Why learning how to think for yourself can save you from bad advice

February 2021

A look into how a common piece of advice can lead us to undermine ourselves

January 2021

A look into why we're so quick to neglect ourselves and mis-manage our energy
A look inside our "mental software" and how we can improve our ways of thinking, learning, and living

December 2020

Digging into the popular advice "winners never quit" and identifying what can actually help each of us win
A look into where our fear of being judged comes from, and how we can unlearn it
Hint: It's not an elite college degree. And I promise the answer isn't just "grit" either.
A look into why very few of us succeed in finding "balance."

November 2020

The key to a meaningful life lies in your ability to unlearn and think for yourself.

October 2020

This email is going to be a bit different. You've been warned.
Hey all, some not-so-fun news… it finally happened for me. I got COVID. It’s day 6 and the experience has been...unexpected. I’m physically okay! But…